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Version 2.3 Release Date:  September 2016.

Version 2.2 of SimpleHyp was produced to fix a few minor bugs, and make some improvements:

  • Fixed bug where sometimes screen was slow to refresh, or failed to refresh, after cut/paste or text editing keystrokes.
  • Fixed bug where 'match case', 'whole word', and search direction were disabled on Find/Replace dialogs.
  • Fixed bug where Lower Case Tags sometimes failed to convert all tags.
  • Fixed bug where program and Uninstaller was missing from Control Panel "Uninstall or change a program".  This was especially an issue in Windows 8 or later where an Uninstall link is not allowed in the Start menu.
  • Improvements to the installer, especially when installing in multi-user environments.
  • Improved animated wait cursor for Windows 7 and later.
  • Enabled F1 key to open help.
  • Re-positioned find/replace dialogs to top right of window so they're less likely to obscure found text.
  • Minor improvements to program efficiency.

Version 2.2 Release Date:  May 2016.

Version 2.2 of SimpleHyp was produced to fix a few minor bugs:

  • If a user says YES to save edits, and then clicks cancel in the Save Dialog, SimpleHyp will now return to the document instead of discarding all changes.
  • After initial installation, document folder is now correctly initialised to My Documents.  From then on, the last used folder will be remembered whenever SimpleHyp is restarted.
  • Starting cursor position for a new file was corrected.
  • Fixed program crash in 64-bit build on Windows 8 when user selects Help - Licence

Version 2.1 Release Date:  April 2016.

Version 2.1 of SimpleHyp was produced mainly to fix a major bug related to the way wxWidgets saves strings to file.  While the previous version would correctly load a file with Windows-1252 character set, it could fail to save the file at all if it contained Windows-1252 characters that are not available in the ISO-8859-1 character set (i.e. byte values between 0x80 and 0x9F).  In this case the saved file would be empty, and SimpleHyp would keep telling the user that the file needed to be saved. 

To work around this problem with wxWidgets string handling, the following changes have been made:

  • The default SimpleHyp character set is now ISO-8859-1.
  • The initial Content-Type header in a new document now says "charset=iso-8859-1".
  • The Insert META tags menu now gives the option of Content-Type of ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8 character sets.
  • When a file is opened, any byte values between 0x80 and 0x9F are stripped or replaced with a suitable html entity code.
  • If somehow the file save bug should still occur, it will be detected and the user given the option to save the file with UTF-8 encoding instead.  This avoids any problem with non ISO-8859-1 characters, since UTF-8 contains everything.  But the user would need to change the Content-Type meta tag of the html document to read "charset=utf-8" in order for the file to be correctly displayed in a browser. 
  • An additional menu item 'ASCII only', appears on the Edit menu.  This command converts all characters in the file to plain ASCII text only. (i.e. byte values between 0x00 and 0x7F only).  Any valid ISO-8859-1 characters above 0x7F are replaced with the appropriate html '&xxx;' entity.

Some other minor changes in this version:

  • Recent Files list is moved to a sub-menu of the File menu, and a Clear Recent Files menu item is provided.
  • Fixed bug where Copy Text command would sometimes copy html tags as well as the plain text.
  • Improved Copy Text handling of html character entities, so more are converted to an appropriate viewable character before copying to the clipboard.
  • Added new CRLF->LF command on the edit menu for symmetry with the existing LF->CRLF command.