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Satellite Communications Software Tools

From time to time, I have found it necessary to write specific software programs to assist with my work as a satellite communications consultant.  Recognising that these programs may be of use to other professionals involved in satellite communications, I have made the some of the software available for download and licensing via my other business Gunamoi Software.

GEOPoint - Satellite Antenna Pointing Calculator - A tool for calculating the antenna pointing angles from an earth station location to any visible geostationary satellite.  This program will be of use to both the professional satellite engineer and the satellite TV and DX enthusiast.  The basic calculator function can be downloaded and used free of charge.  To access the extended plotting, reporting and sun interference prediction portions of the program you will need to register. 

LEOPoint - Satellite Antenna Pointing Calculator - A tool intended for registered users of our GEOPoint app.  LEOPoint calculates the pointing angles to any non-geostationary satellite (e.g. Low Earth Orbit - LEO - satellites).  Azimuth and elevation pointing angles are plotted on a sky chart, and may be saved as an image, or as tabulated values in a file. 

HorizonProfile - Horizon Profile Estimator - A tool intended for registered users of our GEOPoint and LEOPoint apps.  HorizonProfile can use terrain information from Digital Elevation Model (DEM) databases, as well as other GIS mapping input files containing information about terrain, buildings, and other obstructions, to estimate the horizon profile for a given location. 

MapList-Globe - World Globe Map Program - Originally intended for mapping data produced by other Gunamoi Software applications in MapList (*.maplist) and Map Grid (*.warray) files, this application can also load and display information from standard GPX, GeoJSON, OSM and KML map information files.  Additional functions include the ability to plot satellite pointing angles (azimuth and elevation) on a globe for a satellite located at any latitude, longitude or altitude; as well as the ability to draw multiple coverage circles on the globe at a fixed distance from designated centre points.  MapList-Globe can also plot satellite orbits on the globe from TLE orbit data files. 

TxPlan - Satellite Transponder Layout Software - A tool intended for the use of professionals, who are involved with the planning of radio and satellite communications systems.  TxPlan is an easy to use program to produce simple carrier frequency layout diagrams.  It can be used to illustrate the layout of transponders on a satellite, or the layout of radio carriers within a frequency band.  Diagrams can be saved as bitmap images for use in reports or presentations.  This program can be downloaded and the basic functions used free of charge.  To access the extended features of the program you will need to register.