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Typical Rates & Conditions

Hausfeld Consulting charges clients depending upon the type of work required and the location where the work is to be performed.  Rates for specific jobs are negotiable and the following examples are intended only for general information.  The charging rates mentioned below are typical examples only and do not constitute an offer price. 
To obtain a specific quotation for your particular requirements please contact Hausfeld Consulting.
Download our standard consultancy terms and conditions here. (PDF format, 58kB)

Fixed Price Quotes:

Where the required work is well defined, the client has specific objectives, and there is a clear end-point to the proposed project, then Hausfeld Consulting may provide a fixed price quotation to do the job.  The quotation will include detailed specifications of the Scope of Work to be performed, and list deliverables which are measurable and clearly defined.  Expenses such as travel and accommodation may be included within the fixed price, or may be charged separately at cost. 

If your requirements are not yet well defined, then we can provide assistance to you to develop them.  Assistance provided to develop a detailed Customer Requirements Specification would be charged at an hourly or daily rate. 

Hourly or Daily Chargeout Rates:

Where the project scope of works is not well defined, or the project objectives or end-point are unclear, or where the client expects ongoing support, then Hausfeld Consulting will provide a quotation in terms of hourly or daily chargeout rates, plus expenses. 
Note: Rates are negotiable, and will vary depending upon project type and duration.  Time-critical projects, or projects involving legal issues will be charged at a higher rate. 
Typical rates are given below for Project Management, Network Design, Site Audit or similar work. 

  • Hourly rate for work conducted at my office in Gosford NSW:  AUD$80 per hour (plus GST).
  • Hourly rate for work conducted elsewhere in Sydney/Newcastle region:  AUD$100 per hour (plus GST).
  • Daily rate for meetings and work elsewhere in Australia:  AUD$800 per day (plus GST and any travel expenses).
  • Daily rate for meetings and work requiring international travel:  AUD$1,000 per calendar day (plus GST and any travel expenses).
  • Expenses: all expenses including travel and accommodation expenses are charged at cost. However, a higher daily rate can be negotiated that incorporates all travel expenses, if desired.
  • GST and other duties & taxes: charged at cost where applicable.
  • Any invoice payments which exceed 30 days from date of invoice may also be charged a late fee.
  • These typical rates are negotiable on a per customer and per project basis.

Example 1 - Work performed solely at our office in Gosford, NSW:  When the proposed work can be performed at my office in Gosford, then Hausfeld Consulting will normally quote an hourly rate for such work.  A typical price for a straightforward technical consultancy might be AUD$80 per hour, plus GST and expenses at cost. 

Example 2 - Work performed elsewhere in Australia:  Where the work requires extended travel outside the Sydney/Newcastle region, then a daily rate will be quoted for each calendar day spent away from home.  A typical price for a straightforward technical consultancy might be AUD$800 per day plus GST, plus all travel and accommodation expenses.  Alternatively a higher daily rate might be negotiated, that absorbs all travel and accomodation costs.  For example, AUD$1,000 per day plus GST for work in Canberra. 

Example 3 - Work involving International travel:  Where the work requires overseas travel, then a daily rate will be quoted for each calendar day spent away from home, including days spent travelling.  A typical price for attendance at International Meetings might be AUD$1,000 per day, plus all travel and accommodation expenses, and Australian GST if applicable. 

Example 4 - Fixed Price Quote:  A Pacific Island satcoms operator wants to upgrade his old legacy satellite earth station.  Hausfeld Consulting would perform a survey and site audit of the existing facility; perform calculations and measurements to confirm the suitability of the facility for upgrade; discuss options with the satellite operator and equipment vendors; and present a final report, including lists of required equipment and detailed specifications which the client may use as the basis for a tender or RFP.  The job may include several days at the islands for the site audit, followed by one or two weeks in Sydney gathering information from equipment manufacturers and satellite operators, and preparing a detailed report with recommendations.  Such a job has clearly defined objectives and deliverables, and would normally be quoted at a fixed price.  A typical price for such a project might be AUD$15,000, which covers the work and all expenses.
An optional subsequent visit to the site to present the final completed report and explain the recommendations to the client could be added at additional cost. 
Download a Typical Satellite Audit Scope of Works. (PDF format, 85kB)